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Contact Lenses & Prescription Eyeglass in Minerva, Ohio

At PM Lieberman OD and Associates, in Minerva, Ohio, we're happy to offer contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses, and professional eye care to our satisfied patients. Since 1946, we've been helping our friends, family, and neighbors to see more clearly, and as a second-generation family business, we look forward to continuing a great family tradition.

Contact Lenses
PM Lieberman OD and Associates offer a variety of contact lenses to our patients for their various needs. If you're looking to take advantage of contact lenses, we can find the right solution for you with:

• Custom and Specialty Contact Lenses
• Toric Lenses for Astigmatic Patients
• Bi-Focal Contact Lens Fittings

• Extended-Wear Contact Lenses

• Daily Disposable Lenses
• Tinted Lenses to Change Eye Color
• Keratoconus Contact Lenses for Difficult Eye Shapes

Our contact lens services include care and follow up visits for 1 year.

Children Vision Services
Children require special care during eye exams that, to children, can be long and drawn out. We work with children with crossed eyes, turned-out eyes, ambiopia, as well as those with visual learning problems. We also provide pre-school vision screenings. We offer glasses and vision therapy to correct these problems in children.

General Eye Care
Whether you currently wear glasses or contacts, it's still important that you keep up with regular eye care. Regular vision screenings can help catch ocular diseases and worsening eye sight early, often before you realize the difference. We offer comprehensive eye exams that check for:

• Eye Health
• Refractive Status
• Muscle Balance
• Glaucoma

• Eye Problems Through Dynamic Eye Exams

We'll help you choose the best frames, measure for a perfect fit, order the frames, and cut and tint your lenses to fit, right here in our office. We'll then dispense and adjust your new glasses so you're comfortable.

Our frame selection includes a budget line frame package where you can order 2 pairs of frames, and get the second at a reduced price.

Safety glasses are available in both prescription and non-prescription forms, as well as prescription sunglasses.

Medical Treatment of the Eye
We test for and treat a variety of medical eye conditions, including:
• Anterior Segment Disease (Affects the front of the eye, causing pain, redness, itching, burning, and allergy symptoms)
• Visual Fields Tests for Glaucoma
• Fundis Photography of the Retina for Diabetes and Macular Degeneration

Dry Eye
Dry eye syndrome affects a great many people. However, it can be treated through medications or special plugs eliminating the cause. We can offer you the relief you need from your dry eye irritation.

Foreign objects in the eye are a more common problem than you might think. We can remove foreign objects from the eye, even if you can't see them, restore your vision, and end the pain.

Contact us today, in Minerva, Ohio, to schedule an appointment for your annual eye exam.